What you need to know about dining with us during covid-19


From 11.59pm Wednesday 16 September Regional Victoria progressed to step 3 of the Victorian Government's Roadmap to Recovery. The eagerly awaited ease in restrictions meant that sip could re-open for dine in service, woohoo! 

Our re-opening comes with a fair few restrictions in the way we can serve you, some of them familiar, some new. If you’re the kinda person who wants to know all about the restrictions and just loves reading government guidelines and fact sheets you can access the latest information here.


But... if you’re the kinda person who’d prefer NOT to wade through the government docs, (super understandable), you’re probably still wondering:

“what’s hanging out at my favourite bar sip actually going to be like right now?”

Here's what you can expect when you walk into sip this week:

  • You'll see our staff's smiling faces, or rather happy eyes and foreheads above our masks! As you probably know, face masks are now compulsory for all Victorians over the age of 12 unless you have a medical reason not to wear one or are exempt for another government approved reason. When popping in to dine with us or to pick up an online order, please wear your face mask at all times when entering, exiting and moving around the venue. You may remove your mask once you're seated at your table, but if you hop up to go to the loo, please pop it back on :)

  • The latest changes to hospitality guidelines from the Victorian Government which came into effect on when Regional Victoria reached step 3 means we are now offering mostly outdoor dining. We are able to seat 18 people outside and only 10 people indoors in line with regulations. Also, our bookings now come with the VIC government required 2 hour maximum time limit. Thanks for your continued care, consideration and kindness towards our staff when booking and dining with us! We appreciate your understanding xx

  •  If you would like to pop through sip for dinner please book with us by contacting us via email or direct message on facebook or instagram. Wanting to come in for a quick drink? No booking necessary, simply pop through, we will be allocating tables on a first come first served basis. 

  • Previously we could only seat a maximum of 6 people together on a table as per government requirements. We are happy to say that as of June 21 that number has been increased to a maximum of 10 people per table. Great news! 

  • We will still be providing table service, which means you can relax without having to head to the bar or lift a finger. Unfortunately no sitting at the bar just yet. Guidelines stipulate these measures are necessary as they keep you guys safe, reduce your contact with other parties dining in and to limit your contact with multiple areas and surfaces in the bar.

  • Current Victorian Government requirements still have one very clear rule for us hospitality venues: ...Please sit down with your drinks. We know it's a bit of an odd one, and it's going to feel even weirder when we have to remind you of it. (Feel like you're back in school anyone?!?) But following this rule will ensure neither of us cop a fine and that our business is able to stay open. We are continually grateful to you guys for taking these new regulations in your stride and helping us to keep things kosher. 


  • As aways, you and everyone in your party will be asked by one of our staff members to provide your first name and a method of contact, preferably phone number, to be recorded and kept at sip. This is to make sure that contact tracing is super speedy in the event of an outbreak! Your details will be destroyed after 28 days in line with government privacy requirements.


  • If it turns out your mates booked a table nearby, it might be tempting to walk over to their table for a chat, but unfortunately this isn’t going to fly just yet. Keep waiting, hopefully sometime soon!


  • You’ll notice that all our tables will be spaced at a minimum of 1.5m away from each other with clear markings on the floor, we’re social distancing pro’s ‘yall! We also ask that you continue to social distance while you’re with us.

  • We’ve got the hand sani, don’t worry, it’s by the door so you can keep those mits clean! We’ll also be thoroughly and regularly cleaning all surfaces and equipment following the Government cleaning and sanitising rules.    

  • Our staff will only be attending work if they are feeling well, we don’t want to put you at risk! We also ask that you stay away from sip and cancel your booking by calling us if you begin to feel unwell. 

  • We encourage you to download the Australian Government COVID safe app. By running the app in the background and keeping your phone on you, you’ll be helping to keep everyone safe.

  • And here’s the red tape: incase you’re wondering VIC police are able to issue some pretty hefty on the spot fines of up to $1,652 for individuals and up to $9,913 for businesses refusing or failing to comply with guidelines. So, let's keep it relaxed and work together to make sure we do the right thing.


Cheers guys!!

See you soon!!


The sip. team xx   

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